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1-10 days

11-20 days

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31-40 days

41+ days

0.2% profits
every day

0.3% profits
every day

0.4% profits
every day

0.5% profits
every day

1% profits
every day

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All the benefits of using e-WALLET in our presentation videos. Appreciate the conditions and start earning today.

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Passive income

The system automatically and daily accrues interest on the account balance. Funds are always available for withdrawal

Instant transactions

Transfer/exchange of funds from the e-WALLET is coming instantly and is not ac-companied by delays

Rising interest rates

Interest charges on the account balance increase every 10 days, reaching 1% per day on the 41st day

Minimum commission

We have minimum commissions for all our transactions

Safety and reliability

The E-WALLET company is officially registered, works within the framework of the legislation and has its official website with advanced web protection technologies

Full balance control

In a convenient personal account, users can control their balance and observe daily interest charges

Own cryptocurrency

When We reach 50 000 registrations the own cryptocurrency WALLET-COIN will be launched in coins which will be made payments

How it Works?


Now, the E-WALLET company is developing its own token, which will be presented for trading on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges of the world. Payments are made in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Pre sale

APP on iOS and Android

With the help of the official E-WALLET application for iOS and Android, users will be able to conveniently manage their account and account in the system via a smartphone or tablet. Until the release of the application, access to the wallet is possible only through the WEB-version

What is E-WALLET?

E - WALLET allows you to safely store users ' funds in cryptocurrency, and get regular accruals of dividends in percentage to the account balance. So, using the services of the company E-WALLET, the account holder gets a guaranteed passive income.

How much will I earn if I keep money in the system?

According to the current conditions for the users of our company, the balance of the client's account is accrued 0.2% per day for the first 10 days, from 11 days-0.3% per day, from 21 days-0.4% per day, from 31 days-0.5% per day, from 41 days-1% per day.

Can I earn without investments?

In the E-WALLET system, you are not an in-vestor and do not expose your funds to the cor-responding risks. With a zero balance, interest accrual does not occur, but you can earn on the affiliate program by attracting other users.

What do you need to start earning in

You can find out in detail how works on the page "How does it work?"

Are my money kept safe?

Yes, the funds of E-WALLET users are protected by the legislation of the country of registration of our company, as well as by a reliable system of protection of the site, user data and electronic financial resources. Blockchain technologies are the technologies of the future, bringing network security to a basically new level.

How much do you pay for referred users?

The partner taking part in the affiliate program of the company E-WALLET gets 100% of the profit (interest charges on the deposit) of his referral to his account. For example, if the at-tracted person has 1 BTC on his balance and gets accruals at the rate of 1%, his daily profit will be 0.01 BTC. The same amount will be transferred to your account every day as a refer-ral fee. You can see your profit in the section MY PROFIT.

Who are the creators of the project

The team of creators can be found on the Interview page

What are your plans?

The nearest plans are the issue of own token and its further listing on the main world cryptocurrency exchanges. Conducting an active advertising campaign that will contribute to the growth of our coins. After that, the issue of a debit card of E-Wallet, as well as the release of a number of own blockchain developments aimed to improve the electronic payment industry.

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