Get 100% profit from each referral

Each person invited by you as an E-WALLET user will bring you 100% of their profits.

All E-WALLET users get a personal referral link to take part in the affiliate program. Using it on the Internet (you can use any platform: social networks, blogs, forums, video hosting, thematic and third-party sites), you will be able to attract other people to the system. Tell them about the benefits of cooperation with E-WALLET, to interest to go on your referral link and store funds in your E-WALLET.

Like you, your referral will get income in the form of interest on the account balance. Each such amount accrued to him daily, will be fully sent to your wallet!

Invest plan

Every day for 10 daysFrom day 11 From day 21 From day 31 From day 41
0.2% every day0.3% a day0.4% a day0.5% a day1% a day

Profit calculator

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