Interview with the Director

Hello dear readers, my name is Dorothy Bridges. Today we are interviewing the CEO of Harvey Evans.

I'll ask you a few questions. Do you mind?

No. That's why we are here.

Great, let's get started!

  1. How much time do you and your team devote to the development of

    Our team is not just a team of employees, it consists of people who live by a common idea. There was not a day when someone did not offer new visions of the development of For this reason, we have rewritten our White paper several times. We can say with confidence that our team lives by the idea of

  2. How are involved people in the process of making critical decisions?

    I, as the main developer and author of the idea, have invested in the creation of 90% of its capital. And the team I invited received 20% of the total amount of issued E-wallet tokens. We did not attract additional investments. It means that the better our idea is implemented, the higher will be the rate of the E-wallet tokens after listing on the exchanges. It gives an excellent motivation and engages the team in the creation process at 100%.

  3. Where will you play and how will you win?

    I know exactly what you mean. We have no competitors in the market. Тhere is no decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with POS-mining. And if it appears, we will not see competitors in such project, we will see colleague in it and are ready to cooperate with it.

  4. Who is responsible for big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence, and do you have a digital development strategy?

    The blockchain we are developing is responsible for the data of our users. We run the project on our own technology and do not use Ethereum blockchain and other technologies. When we publish our source code, it will be a really big event in the cryptocurrency industry. The development strategy is detailed in our White paper.

  5. Do you create a self-developing system that sucks in talents?

    We are always happy to see talented people in our team. Talents are always a little crazy, and we appreciate such people.

  6. You started your career as a programmer, what did attract you in it? What skills did you acquire and how did they help you in the future?

    I graduated from Stanford University. And while studying, I worked at Google. Silicon valley gave me an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to change the world. That's where I gathered most of our team.

  7. What is the most difficult part of your job as a CEO?

    In our work, I do not show that I am the leader. As such, I do not give orders to people, everyone is engaged in their own business, and only at the request, I can give my professional advice. This does not cause any difficulties, we have a friendly team with clearly defined roles.

  8. How do you plan to promote your product?

    We have developed a generous bounty program that rewards active users with project tokens. And also, for those users who develop the mining network of our blockchain, an additional referral program is provided. These rewards motivate users to take active actions, and our development idea provides generous rewards for the efforts and trust of customers.

  9. The profit from POS-mining of your coin is 0.2% - 1% per day. That is all?

    No, 0.2%-1% is a test mode, when we buy mined coins from users at a fixed rate. After listing coins on the exchanges, customers who have master nodes will be able to sell their coins at a more favorable rate.

    To increase the rate of E-wallet coins, a procedure for burning coins is provided. It will allow to regulate the balance of supply and demand in the market.

  10. Question about the referral program. A person invited people who started mining E-wallet coin to the system, does he get 100% of the coins they mined ?

    Yes, that's right.

  11. And if he does not mine coins?

    It is not necessary. This user popularizes in the network, and gets reward for it.

  12. Can E-wallet coins accrued according the referral program be sold to the system?

    Of course, the system buys these coins by the same way as the mined coins.

  13. Where is your company registered?

    We have registered our company in the UK. And all our activities are under the laws of this country. You can read the documents below.

  14. Thank you, Harvey I have no further questions. It was a very interesting interview. I wish success to your product!

    I was also pleased to answer your questions. Goodbye!

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