Privacy Policy


E-wallet Privacy Policy

When registering a new user, it is required to specify personal data, which the company is willing not to transfer to third parties, but to ensure their safety and confidentiality.

In order to prevent the diversion of confidential information from the website secure communication channels, the most advanced encryption technologies and developments in the field of cybersecurity are used. In turn, the company is not responsible for the diversion of information caused by the violation of privacy measures by the user. That’s why; it is the responsibility of our clients to comply with all security measures to ensure the confidentiality of personal data, including non-disclosure of login and password and other identification data used during registration and settings of the personal account. The consequences of this information falling into third hands can be hacking of the account, unauthorized withdrawal of funds, blocking of the client's account in connection with suspicious or malicious activity.

To improve the quality of services and expand the functionality of the website, E-WALLET uses cookies, which allow analyzing the behavioral factor, collect data about IP addresses, browsers, operating systems, etc. This does not contradict the privacy policy; however, users can prohibit access to the transfer of cookies in the security settings of their web browser. Attention: if you disable Javascript, the browser may not work correctly.

It’s permitted to refer to the only in those cases which do not contradict the current legislation. The text around the link should not have discrediting, false or sharply negative content, should not cause reputational or financial damage to the E-WALLET company. It should not create the impression that there is some form of cooperation if it does not exist in reality. In addition, the administration is not responsible for materials that are published on third-party websites mentioning the name of the company E-WALLET. The user's losses incurred as a result of the use of third-party recommendations, services and content are not reimbursed by E-WALLET.

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